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SBH Pier 40 Community Room Use – San Francisco, CA


South Beach Harbor Community Room - CCSF/ Port of San Francisco Maritime Division

The Embarcadero, Pier 40A (415) 495-4911 Phone

San Francisco, CA 94107 (415) 512-1351 Fax

www.southbeachharbor.com (415) 608-1951 After Hours

Policies and Procedures for Renting the Room – Revised 09/02/2016
The South Beach Harbor Community Room is available for reservations up to 12 months in advance to public and private entities. We are conveniently located next to at Pier 40A on the Embarcadero in San Francisco. Our cross streets are at King and 2nd. The room has first floor access in the Harbor Services Building, which meets ADA compliance. We are easily accessible on public transportation on Muni buses or the “N” Judah or “T” Line. The room is available to community groups, non-profits, government agencies, and the public. See the fee schedule for rates and fees that apply, and for services offered.
To reserve the Community Room:

  • Make sure that the dates and times you want are available.

  • Have SBH Office Staff enter your account number & date on the Community Room calendar.

  • Complete the Community Room Application indicating specifics such as:

Room set up, post cleaning, alcohol being served, etc.

  • Submit your completed application to the appropriate staff person for processing.

Applicants need to provide phone numbers and an email address for contact.

  • Payment in full is due (14) days in advance of the event, and we accept most forms of payment. Your event will be cancelled if payment is not received.

  • The cancellation fee is 20% of your total charges. Therefore, cancelations should be made at least (7) days in advance to avoid a 20% fee charge before a refund is issued.

  • A Community Room Permit will be issued for signature when a payment is received for the scheduled event.

  • All liability insurance policies required to be maintained by Port tenants shall name as additional insureds by written endorsement the "City and County of San Francisco and the San Francisco Port Commission and their officers, directors, agents and employees". $1,000.000.00 Liability Insurance required for all Community Room events.

  • Optional: The Port of San Francisco offers a Special Event Liabilty Insurance Program. Commercial Liability $1,000,000 per occurrence / $2,000,000 General Aggregate for permitted special events held on special districts property. Toll Free number: (800) 420-0555. For an online application visit: www.2sparta.com. This is an option through SELIP Insurance Program Serviced by Merriwether and Williams Insurance. CA License #OC01378

  • Special Approval & Insurance Are Required for the Use of Animals at Any Event.

South Beach Harbor Community Room Parking- CCSF / Port of San Francisco Maritime Division
Parking at Pier 40A is primarily for harbor tenants and boating related activities. However, obtaining parking for your event in the South Beach Harbor Community Room can be a simple process if you are expecting 20 or fewer cars. This process starts with indicating how many parking passes you’ll need for your event on the application. We allow two free passes with the room rental, and additional passes are $10 per car year-round (for Community Room use only). Fees are subject to change depending on seasonal parking conditions and availability at Pier 40A. Guests are encouraged to carpool or take public transportation when possible. Pier 40A is conveniently located on the N-Judah and T-Third Street lines where cabs and buses frequent the Embarcadero. Ferry services and the Farmer’s Market are a few miles away near the Bay Bridge. We recommend that you pay for parking before 5PM in the Harbor office. Visit our website at www.southbeachharbor.com to learn more about us.

Yellow Cab (415) 333-3333

Luxor Cab (415) 282-4141
Muni Info 311

Cable Car (415) 701-2311

Golden Gate Transit/Golden Gate Ferry 511 (Toll Free)

Golden Gate Transit/Golden Gate Ferry (Outside the Area)

(415) 455-2000


Please pay the account balance at least 14 days in advance with Visa, MC, Discover, or check.

Use the same account number if you are a repeat guest/customer. Return completed application to the South Beach Harbor Office Pier 40A, The Embarcadero, San Francisco, CA 94107. Attention Misa Pham – primary contact or Alvin Sonza, backup contact. It can be faxed to (415) 512-1351. RSVP up to 12- months in advance.


Contact name:


Today’s date: __________________




________________________________City/State _____________

Phone number:


Fax: __________________________

E-mail address:


Account # _____________


Required 7-Days in advance or a 20% penalty will apply.

Use of Animals?

Yes__ - No__

Special Approval & Insurance are required for the use of animals at any event.

The Harbormaster must be notified at least 2-weeks in advance of such events.

To avoid accidents and damages, please use caution with matches, wax candles and other safety hazards in the Community Room and around toddlers. Security Guard charges may apply after hours.

What is the event? ________________________ Room Capacity is 68 - Dimensions 34’x29’

Date (s):


Hours: _______ to _______

Food served? Yes__ or No__

$100 -alcohol served? ____

Will a caterer be used? _________

Special Events Insurance –SF Port language below.

Caterer ph.#______ - ____________

Caterer Contact Name: ____________________________

*******************************************************************************Number of parking spaces?($10 per car year-round)

Community room amenities include: 12 tables that measure 2.5’ x 5’.

There are 25 White chairs, 10 Gray chairs, and 35 black chairs = 70 total.

A large microwave, a large refrigerator, and trash bins in or near the room.

After hours security 415.608.1951 & Call 911 for Emergencies.

Pre- Event Set-up? ($50)

Post event cleaning services? ($50)

Will you need to rent a projector? ($50)

All liability insurance policies required to be maintained by Port tenants shall name as additional insureds by written endorsement the "City and County of San Francisco and the San Francisco Port Commission and their officers, directors, agents and employees"- $1,000,000.00 Liability Coverage Required. SELIP Ins. Optional.


South Beach Harbor Community Room Permit Fees

$1,000,000.00 Liability Coverage Required Per Event

The minimum charge is for events that last 5 hours or less.

Security Guard charges may apply for after-hour events.




(Non-Profit Organizations must show proof of status)

Non-Profit/Governmental Community Meetings

Without Food - No Charge

With Food - $100

Corporate Training Sessions / Home Owner Assoc. Meetings



Event Service Fees Vary.



Event Service Fees

Social Events/Weddings

(Permit Fees dependent on magnitude of event)

$500.00 - $2,000.00


Event Service Fees Vary.

$250.00 - $1,000.00

Plus $100 per day for food

$100 per day for alcohol

Setup $50

Clean-up $50

Event Service Fees Vary.

Children’s Events



See the HM for 2017

Will be negotiated by Harbor Management

Starting at $250 (and up).

  • Up to age 12

  • Daytime up to 5PM

  • See the HM for 2017

For room reservations please complete & return the rental application to Misa.Pham@sfport.com, Thursday through Monday, or Alvin.Sonza@sfport.com – Sunday through Thursday.

For more information, contact South Beach Harbor at 415-495-4911 x1047 for Misa Pham or Alvin Sonza x1046.

South Beach Harbor Community Room - CCSF & SF Port Commission

Frequently Asked Questions
1. What is the room capacity and what are the room dimensions?

Answer: The Community room capacity is 68 and the room dimensions are 34’ X 29’.

2. How many chairs and tables are in the room?

Answer: See the application for 14 folding tables, 10 gray chairs and 28 white chairs and 35 black.

3. How much is it to rent the projector?

Answer: See the application for the projector rental for $50 per day.

4. How late can my event last into the evening?

Answer: 12 AM is the deadline for all events in the Community Room.

Noise Ordinance: We do not allow loud and/or obnoxious music, lyrics, profanity or noise at Pier 40A.

Our goal is to minimize the annoyance of noise to the general public at all times, day or night.
5. How much is use of WiFi? Answer: We currently do not have Wi-Fi at South Beach Harbor.

The Port of San Francisco and the City of San Francisco are working to make Wi-Fi available.

6. Who do I call for assistance after the office closes at 5PM?

Answer: South Beach Harbor Security is available from 5:00PM to 8:30AM 7-days a week.

7. Are Piñatas allowed and where can they be hung?

Answer: No, because there’s no safe place to hang piñatas in or near the Community Room.

8. How much is parking for events in the Community Room at South Beach Harbor?

Answer: We allow two free passes with the room rental, and additional passes are $10 per car.

9. Is there anything I should know about the room? Answer: Please request to have staff or a security guard adjust the room temperature 30-minutes before your event. A work order was placed by the Harbormaster to service the heater in the Community room.
10. Advance payment is due 14-days before the event, and cancelation is required at least 7-days in advance.
11. $1,000,000.00 Liability Insurance required per event.

A homeowner’s policy can be used with the “Additional Insured Endorsement” language on page one.
OPTIONAL: SELIP Insurance Program Serviced by Merriwether & Williams Insurance Services at (800) 420-0555. Visit www.2sparta.com for the online application. All vehicles parked in the SBH lots are required to have a parking permit displayed on the rear view mirror. Guests attending non-profit events do need to pay for parking in the Harbor lots, as well as guests with handicap placards. See a safety tips on the next page.

Safety tip: To avoid damages and hazards, please use caution with matches and wax candles in the Community Room and around toddlers. This safety tip is on the application specifically for children’s parties.


Please make reservations early because there is a limit of 8- non-profits uses each month.

  • Limit of 8 room uses by non-profit organizations per month, and only 1 per organization each month. Exceptions can be made on a case-by-case basis with approval of the Harbormaster.

  • Priorities for the purpose of limiting use:

    1. State/Local/Unified School Districts

    2. Boating/harbor related non-profit organizations (particularly educational)

    3. Local community welfare non-profit organizations

  • Non-profit organizations not allowed free use:

    1. Member organizations requiring dues such as clubs and labor unions

    2. Political fund raisers for individuals or initiatives

    3. Those whose policies and/or practices openly discriminate against any group or individual based on race, color, religion, general, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital or domestic partner status, national origin, age, disability or political affiliation.

  • Charges in addition to room use will remain in effect. These charges include room set up, cleaning, Internet access, parking and any special expenses incurred by South Beach Harbor as the result of the room use.

  • Insurance requirements remain in effect.

  • Non-profit organizations must show proof of status

  • Room use rules apply and all vehicles display a parking pass.

Non-profit groups are not exempt from purchasing parking passes for $10 year-round.

Special Guest Satisfaction Survey

South Beach Harbor Community Room – CCSF / Port of San Francisco Maritime Division

Phone (415) 495-4911 x1111 - Fax (415) 512-1351.

Thank you for choosing the Community Room at South Beach Harbor Pier 40A for your event. How was this experience for you and your guests’? Your suggestions will help us better serve you and other members of this community.

Comments and suggestions can be faxed, emailed or mailed:

Fax Number: (Above) Email address for comments and suggestions: SBH-Insurance@sfport.com.

Mailing Address:

South Beach Harbor, Pier 40A – 2nd Floor, the Embarcadero, San Francisco, CA 94107

Comments: ________________________________________________________________________

Suggestions: ________________________________________________________________________

Today’s Date: _____________________ Your Event Date: _____________________
Thank you for being our special guest and please come again.

Joe Monroe x 1045


Tuesday - Saturday

Jovan Flavien

Assistant Harbormaster

Sunday - Thursday

Linda Green x1048

Office Manager

Tuesday - Saturday

Alvin Sonza x 1046

Harbor Office Asst.

Sunday - Thursday

Misa Pham x1047

Senior Clerk

Thursday - Monday

DaShena Davis x1111



Mable Pena x1111

Senior Clerk- Part-time

As Needed- Days Vary

After Hours Security

Available 5:00pm-8:30am

7-dys wk (415) 608-1951

South Beach Harbor after Hours Security Guards: Robert Jimenez & William Douglas

Contracted guards are on duty when Robert and William are not available. All security guards can be reached at (415) 608-1951 from 5:00pm to 8:30am. You can also reach the Port of San Francisco’s Maritime Division at: (415) 274-0400.


Community Room - SBH is operated by Port of San Francisco Maritime Division. Revised 9/02/16, Ver.2. Document locations is T:\HARBOR\HARBOR OFC PROC\Community Room Use

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