New Inside Out

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irish-poetry (копия), Irish poetry

New Inside Out


Area: Foreign Languages (English)


  • Discussing relationships between people in photos.

  • Categorising adjectives used in conversations.

  • Discussing recent conversations and what makes a good and bad conversation.

  • Listening to conversations completing extracts.

  • Talking about their last conversation in English.

  • Discussing men’s and women’s conversation styles.

  • Predicting the content of a book from the book cover and discussing extracts from the book.

  • Matching vocabulary of personal values to definitions.

  • Completing a table with noun, verb, adjective and adverb forms.

  • Talking about typical complaints girlfriends and boyfriends make about each other.

  • Identifying angry tones from a conversation and practising conveying feelings by intonation.

  • Identifying different types of adverbials. and studying the implications of the position of adverbials.

  • Discussing eavesdropping and accidentally overhearing people’s conversations.

  • Listening to conversations and identifying the dynamics displayed in them.

  • Completing extracts from conversations about aspect

  • Learning useful phrases for opening conversations.

  • Practising starting a conversation.

  • Discussing proverbs.

  • Completing sentences and discussing idioms with talk.

  • Writing a self-help tip sheet.

  • Evaluating the progress done till this point by completing the Review A for Units 1-3, and doing the CD-Rom activities, so as to participate in the learning process.


Download 456,5 Kb.

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