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This is to certify that “ ___________EPC/Commodity Board” has no objection for the participation of the firm whose details are mentioned above, in the event namely”________________________________” organized /sponsored by ITPO/FIEO.


EPC/Commodity Board


There is a separate scheme designated as Marketing Development Assistance for SSI Exporters meant to encourage small scale manufacture exporters along the following lines:

(A) Exporters eligible for assistance:

(i) Exporting unit must be registered as SSI / SSSBE.

(ii) Exporting unit must be a member of FIEO / EPC.

(iii) Exporting units with aggregate exports of Rs. 2 crores and above over the last three financial years (Rs. 1 crore for ISO 9000 certified exporters) are eligible for assistance from the Ministry of Commerce & Industry through EPCs/other grantee organisations. SSI units with aggregate exports less than this limit would now be eligible for direct assistance from the Office of DC(SSI) under this scheme. SSI units which have not yet commenced exports are not eligible for assistance.

(iv) An exporting unit would be eligible for assistance under SSI-MDA only once in a financial year.

(B) Activities eligible for financing

(i) Individual participation in overseas fairs/exhibitions.

(ii) Individual overseas study tours/as member of a trade delegation going abroad.

(iii) Production of material for overseas publicity.

(C) Permissible binding limits:

90% of cost of return ticket by economy class subject to an upper ceiling of Rs.60,000/- (Rs. 90,000/- for Latin American countries). In case excursion fare is cheaper than economy class fare, the excursion fare will be considered.

(ii) 25% of the cost of production of publicity material limited to Rs.15,000/- in a financial year.

(D) Other conditions:

(i) Assistance shall be available for travel by one permanent employee/director/partner/proprietor of the SSI unit in economy class by Air India. Air travel by airlines other than Air India would be permissible provided that their economy class airfare is not higher than Air India.

(ii) Applications must reach the Office of the DC(SSI) at least one month before the start of the event in question.

(iii) The SSI unit should not have been charged/prosecuted/debarred/ blacklisted under the export and import policy or any other law relating to export and import business.

Total MDA assistance under SSI-M[DA scheme shall be inclusive of MDA assistance received from all Government Bodies/FIEO/EPCs/Commodity Boards/Grantee Organiations etc.


The scheme is formulated on focus product- focus country approach to evolve specific strategy for specific market and specific product through market studies/survey. Assistance would be provide to Export Promotion Organizations/ Trade Promotion Organizations / Exporters etc. for enhancement of export through accessing new markets or through increasing the share in the existing markets. Under the Scheme the level of assistance for each eligible activities has been fixed.
The following activities will be eligible for financial assistance under the Scheme :

  • Research studies consistent with the priorities;

  • WTO Studies for evolving WTO compatible strategy;

  • To support EPCs/Trade Promotion Organistions in undertaking market studies/survey for evolving proper strategies.

  • To support marketing projects abroad based on focus product - focus country approach. Under marketing projects, the following activities will be funded:

    • Opening of Showrooms

    • Opening of Warehouses

    • Display in international departmental stores

    • Publicity Campaign and Brand Promotion

    • Participation in Trade Fairs, etc., abroad

    • Research and Product Development

    • Reverse visits of the prominent buyers etc. from the project focus countries

    • Export Potential Survey of the States;

    • Registration charges for product registration abroad for pharmaceuticals, bio-technology and agro-chemicals;

    • Testing charges for engineering products abroad;

    • To support Cottage and handicrafts units;

    • To support Recognized associations in industrial clusters for marketing abroad

Details of approved purposes for the scheme and level of assistance



Maximum Assistance

Market Study

75% of the total cost

However, for studies assigned by the D/Commerce for the cause of export promotion, 100% assistance would be provided

Rs.75.00 lakh/each study

Opening of Showrooms and Warehouses

75%, 50% and 25% of leasing / rental charges in the first, second and the third year, respectively

Rs. 50.00 lakh for each market/ product per annum.

Display in International Departmental Stores

50% of rental charges of display space

Rs. 50.00 lakh per annum/each product

Publicity Campaign

50% assistance for two years in a particulr market

Rs. 50.00 lakh per annum/ per market

Participation in Trade Fairs, BSMs etc. abroad

2/3 rd of the actual expenditure. The expenditure on TA/DA would be met by each participant.

Rs. 50.00 lakh for each fair

N.B.: More specific details can be obtained on request.


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