50 Successful Ivy League Application Essays

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50 Essays to Ivy League Schools

Document Outline

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  • Table of Contents
  • Chapter 1: 25 Essay Mistakes that Guarantee Failure 
  • Chapter 2: Ivy League Admissions Officer Q&A 
  • Chapter 3: Academic Passion 
    • “Bacon” by Mariam Nassiri 
    • “Beyond Plug-and-Chug Math” by Anonymous 
    • “A Different Kind of Love” by Oana Emilia Butnareanu 
    • "From Flaubert to Frisbee” by Aditya Kumar
    • “Raising the Bar” by Anonymous 
  • Chapter 4: Books/Literature 
  • Chapter 5: Career 
    • “Puzzles” by Anonymous 
    • “Addressing Injustices” by Mathew Griffin
    • “My Unpopular Decision” by Shiv M. Gaglani
    • “Healing Beyond Borders” by Mathew Griffin 
    • "Scientific Sparks” by Ariela Koehler 
    • “Researching Cancer” by Anonymous 
  • Chapter 6: Entrepreneurship 
    • “The Computer Doctor” by Mathew Griffin 
  • Chapter 7: Challenges 
    • “Unshakable Worth” by Sarah Langberg
    • “No Longer Invisible” by Angelica 
    • “Power of People” by Suzanne Arrington
    • “Self Mind” by Timothy Nguyen Le 
    • “A Summer of Stem Cells” by Ariela Koehler
    • “All Worth It” by Anonymous
  • Chapter 8: Community Service 
    • “Music from the Heart” by Anonymous 
    • “Precious Planet” by Pen-Yuan Hsing 
    • “Cuddle Buddies” by Anastasia Fullerton 
    • “Best reader” by Manika 
  • Chapter 9: Family 
    • “Box of Chocolates” by Alex Volodarsky
    • “Dear Santa” by Anonymous 
    • “Lessons from the Immigration Spectrum” by Anonymous
  • Chapter 10: Heritage and Identity 
    • “Heritage” by Anonymous 
    • “Abuelo” by Angelica 
    • “Anything goes” by Jean Gan 
    • “Strength from Family Struggles” by Anonymous 
  • Chapter 11: Humor 
    • “Exit Door” by Fareez Giga 
    • “Crime Scene report” by Lauren Sanders
  • Chapter 12: An Influential Person 
    • “John Nash” by Jonathan Cross 
    • “Then and now: How the Perseverance of a Working, Single Mother Molded the Persona of her Chinese-American Daughter” by Lisa Kapp 
  • Chapter 13: Issues 
    • “Sustainable Development in South Africa” by Steve Schwartz 
    • “A Young Voice for Seniors” by Ariela Koehler 
  • Chapter 14: Leadership
    • “Birthing a Business” by Jason Y. Shah 
    • “Beyond Dictionary Definitions of Leadership” by victoria Tomaka 
  • Chapter 15: Personal Growth
    • “Beauty” by Anonymous
    • “Keeping up with the Beat of the Drum” by Shreyans C. Parekh
    • “Hurricane Transformations” by Jason Y. Shah 
    • “The House on Wellington Avenue” by Jackie Liao 
  • Chapter 16: Talent 
    • “A Dramatic Coup” by Fareez Giga 
    • “Music as My Second Language” by Jean Gan
    • “My Bedroom” by Fareez Giga
    • "A Special Performance” by Anonymous 
  • Chapter 17: Travel 
    • “Extra Page” by Lauren Horton 
    • “Looking Beyond the Castle” by Brian Aguado 
  • Chapter 18: Vignette 
    • “Polar Bears” by Lauren Horton 
    • Moving” by Laura v. Mesa 
  • Chapter 19: Why Our College 
    • “Exploring Life’s Intricacies” by Mathew Griffin 
    • “Leveraging Potential” by Cameron McConkey 
    • “Inspiration from an Energy Conversion Machine” by Anonymous 
  • Chapter 20: Wait List Letter
    • “Wait List Supplement” by Pen-Yuan Hsing 
  • Chapter 21: Advice on Topics from Ivy League Students 
  • Chapter 22: Advice on Writing from Ivy League Students 
  • Chapter 23: What I Learned from Writing the Essay 
  • About the Authors 

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