The Ultimate Wear

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Advertisement Script


[Formatted based on Timeline]

  1. 00:00 - 00:05


[Pathos] [Loaded Language] “The Ultimate Wear”, gives the reader a preview of how revolutionary this piece of clothing is going to be and appeals to the audience right at the beginning of the advertisement

[Logos] “Applicable ... year”, gives audience an insight of the feature as well as the purpose of the product

[Music] Light and Energetic -- build-up for the reveal of high-tech


[Image Effect] The blue, gray, and orange colors represent the features of the clothes and symbolizes the youthfulness that the wear contains.

[Ethos] A teacher that is known to quite an extent and has a rather demanding attitude towards clothing surprisingly praises it, showing its outstanding quality. A sense of bandwagon/emotional appeal, and the exaggerating statement lures the audience to finish watching it.

  1. 00:06 - 00:17


[Image Effect] Smiling man --- happiness to wearing this jacket

·Iphone 6, a machine of a rather cheap cost but high efficiency in the man’s hand, representing that the jacket is also like that --- extremely high cost-performance.

·He is not wearing a lot, also hinting its purpose and convenience.

[Loaded Language] “World’s Smartest” “The only one you’ll ever need” -- exaggeration of how good it is to current technology, emphasizes that it’ll be highly influential


[Image Effect] Smiling people represent the happiness they hold for wearing this jacket

Photo of women running with clothes but not sweating - control of temperature, high tech ---> Should buy it

[Logos] Explaining the features of jacket. “waterproof ... outdoor”


Starts to get more excited as the features start to be explained

  1. 00:17 - 00:36


[Pathos] [Rhetorical Questions] Two consecutive Rhetorical Questions, unlock the audiences interest and relate themselves to the product by showing situations where it may become useful/helpful

[Music] The music starts to build-up as well when the questions pop up. They add to the youthful atmosphere. (Intended Audience = young people)


[Pathos] [Loaded Language] “No problem!” “... here to help you out!”

Describe how product would be useful, hook audience for content

[Pathos] [Loaded Language] “warm ... wherever you go”, clearly expresses the effectiveness of heating and how it would feel with an anecdotal description

[Logos] “8K heating” “45 ... 10 seconds” -- using statistics to prove with concrete evidence; Picture to show the areas of heating and the humanized design for efficiency and convenience

[Pathos] [Image Effect] “FAAAST” to represent to effective speed of heating up vividly


[Image Effect] Video to more vividly portray the convenience of controlling it

Man resting in comfortable pose - comfort due to jacket

[Pathos] [Loaded Language] “just ... mere touch” --- emphasize the convenience and how easy it is to control

[Logos] “First Active ... Jacket”, stress the innovative design

  1. 00:37 - 00:45

[Pathos] [Rhetorical Question] “Too ... Sun?” Showing audience that product will protect them against heat of sun

[Loaded Language] “Colors ... yourselves”, show the youthfulness of jacket

[Descriptive Lang.] “bring ... reality”, showing how effective the cooling would also be by comparing it to a portable AC, relating to countless people in the past

[Image] Blue: Cooling, Red: Heating

  1. 00:46 - 01:01

[Ethos] Experts are used as an appeal to false authority, no clear source of data but still useful to persuade audience in a commercial

Comparison to other brands also reinforce the effectiveness of jacket

[Bandwagon] “Over 100 million”, persuading audience to buy it since a mass majority chooses it.

[Jingle] Catchy melody.
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