Kwik Stop Youth Basketball League

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Kwik Stop Youth

Basketball League
What does Kwik Stop Basketball League promote:

We are starting our 13th year and sign-ups for 3rd – 6th graders is now beginning. There is a $30.00 registration fee. ($50.00 for two children from the same family/$75.00 for families of 3.) Just simply drop the form off at the Sports Shoppe just North of Wal-Mart:

October 1st thru November 1st – Sign-ups at Sports Shoppe

November 1st – Last chance for early registration for 5th & 6th graders

November 7th- 5th-6th graders can start practice

November 11th – Late registration deadline (registration will be taken based on availability of teams)

December 1st – Last chance for registration for 3rd & 4th graders

December 3rd – First games for 5th-6th grades (thru mid-late January depending on number of teams)

January 3rd – 3rd & 4th graders can start practice

January 21st – First games for 3rd – 4th grades (thru February depending on number of teams)

Parents: With the number of children that participate every year, we depend upon a multitude of volunteers, to help coach in every age division, so we ask you to please give your time to help make this program successful. Late registrants may potentially NOT be on the team with their peers. Please register in a timely fashion to avoid any such conflict and for the courtesy of all registrants. It is also important, as the 5th –6th grade will start practicing the week of November 7th.
Practice times are chosen by the coach of the team and are held at the different elementary schools in the North Platte area. All games will be played on Saturday’s at the Mid Plains Community College. Any questions please call Jeff Moore at 308-532-3090 or e-mail him at We are looking forward to another good season and hope you will encourage your child’s participation.


Kwik Stop Basketball Registration
Child Name_________________________________ Boy or Girl (Circle)


Phone #_____________________ Grade___________School_______________________

Parent Volunteer: Coach ______ Asst. Coach _______

Parent/Guardian_____________________________Alternate Phone#_______________________

E-Mail address_________________________________

Shirt size (subject to availability) Youth S M L XL OR ____Do not need shirt will use

Please circle one Adult S M L XL last year’s

Financial assistance needed _______ Payment type (circle one) Check (#__________) / Cash

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